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As part of our ongoing mission to support women and girls in their pursuit of careers in STEM, we are delighted to announce the inaugural series of the STEM for Her Virtual Programs. Staying home to stay safe does not mean limiting learning and growing. In fact, it is the ever-expanding universe of STEM that makes virtual learning possible, so it is a natural extension for STEM for Her to offer virtual programming.

In our inaugural series, we will virtually walk alongside girls and young women as they explore STEM as an interest and possible career path. There will be three events in the first series, each mirroring the step girls take in their STEM path:

EVENT #1 STEM First Steps:
The Only Girl in the Room

Taking your first step into STEM can be daunting, learn how other girls and women forged their paths and get inspired!

View the video from the first event, hosted by Margo Gorra-Stockman, Board Member STEM for Her and featuring panelists: Merrill Keating, Annika Nikhar, Kirthi Kumar, and Jasmine Syed

  • Saturday, June 20
  • 4:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Virtual via Zoom

STEM for Her Virtual Program #2: “College-bound! Choosing and Succeeding in a College STEM Program”

EVENT #2 College-bound! Choosing and Succeeding in a College STEM Program – Participants heard about making the right college selection for them, including their specific STEM discipline, from those in the process or recent graduates!

  • Sunday, July 26th at 4pm ET via Zoom
  • Event Registration Fee: NO COST
  • Hosted by: Margo Gorra-Stockman, Board Member STEM for Her


  • Lauryn Mitchell – graduate of Elizabethtown College, pursuing her masters at St. Mary’s
  • Lizbeth Sanchez – graduate of University of Puerto Rico, Chemical Engineering, currently at Accenture
  • Olivia Bridgstocke – attending Coastal Carolina University, major Computer Science
  • Kara Ritthaworn – attending George Washington University, major Mechanical Engineering.

EVENT #3 Working in STEM – Advice and Guidance for a Career in STEM

Learn how to navigate career choices from early-stage, mid-career, and women STEM leaders and chart your course to success!

Event details coming soon.

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